“The whole fruit of their [educational] endeavors should
consist in the testimony of God and a good conscience.
Thus they will be inwardly calm and at peace and
neither stirred by praise of flatterers nor stung
by the follies of unlearned mockers of learning.”

                                  ~St. Thomas More



Join the St. Thomas More Society of San Diego
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The St. Thomas More Society was founded due to a recognition that a fraternal organization of Catholic legal professionals would be beneficial both to the legal professionals themselves and to the community at large. The primary benefit to our members is a spiritual one, through the enrichment of our minds and souls from enlightened speakers and discussion with each other. We have all perceived that we need that spiritual benefit, and as St. Thomas More has noted, the recognition that we are not already spiritually perfect “is not folly, but a little spark of wit.” Towards that end, the St. Thomas More Society hosts the following events:

·         Monthly luncheons with renowned speakers (past speakers have included Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco, Trent Horn of Catholic Answers, and Dr. Derry Connelly, President of John Paul the Great Catholic University, among many others);
·         Spiritual reflections held in Lent and Advent and hosted by our Chaplain, Fr. Anthony Saroki, J.D.;
·         Opportunities to participate in regional Catholic life through activities such as feeding the poor at Fr. Joe’s Village and walking in the San Diego March for Life; and
·         Opportunities to relax and unwind through our annual and family-friendly Summer Picnic and Christmas Party and other events throughout the year.

In addition to our events, the St. Thomas More Society also provides members with the benefit of having their names and contact information posted on the St. Thomas More Society Membership Directory page, and provides the community with the benefit of an annual St. Thomas More Society of San Diego Scholarship.

If you are unsure, however, whether you would like to join the St. Thomas More Society, you can still subscribe to our email newsletter.  Simply send us your email address, first and last name. 

Your contact information will be held in strictest confidence and will only be used for St. Thomas More Society of San Diego news and business.  Please contact us at contact@thomasmoresociety-sd.org